California Street, Twickenham

Harvie Jones Architectural Collection

Twickenham Historic Preservation District: The First Twenty-Five Years 1972-1997, Huntsville, Alabama, History, Maps and Comparative Photographs 1972 Photographs - Carey Cooper; 1997 Photographs and Compilation - Harvie P. Jones, FAIA The Architectural Collection of Harvie P. Jones, FAIA, Dept. of Archives/Special Collections, M. Louis Salmon Library, University of Alabama in Huntsville, Huntsville, AL.

California Street, Twickenham

By Harvie P. Jones

Only four houses on California Street lie within the Twickenham District. Three appear to date from the 1960's and are vaguely Colonial Revival. The fourth (No. 406) is a nice example of a blending of the bungalow and Tudor styles and appears to date from the 1920's. It has a porch with brick segmental arches and spandrels of a vertical brick basket-weave pattern, most unusual for a vertical surface but appropriate for spandrels.

No. 300 (c.l960's) has been considerably modified since 1972, which is allowed in the District for houses under fifty years of age in accord with the National Register of Historic Places which considers such buildings "non-contributing" to a historic district. However, the Huntsville Historic Commission encourages the preservation of such "young" houses so that they will in the future represent their period as intact historic examples.