Historic Huntsville Quarterly 1975 to 2008

The Historic Huntsville Quarterly of Local Architecture and Preservation was published by the The Historic Huntsville Foundation from 1975 until 2008. Although publication has now ceased, the existing issues are a great source of information about the architecture and history of Huntsville. Additional information is available at the Foundation's website

The following Table of Contents was provided by Linda Bayer Allen with updates and links by the Webmaster.

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Volume I, 1975

January-February, 1975 - I:1, Claire Johnston, Editor

April-June, 1975 - I:2, Claire Johnston, Editor

July-September, 1975 - I:3, Claire Johnston, Editor

October-December, 1975 - I:4, Henry Marks, Editor

Volume II, 1976

January-February, 1976 - II:1, Henry Marks, Editor

April-June, 1976 - II:2, Henry Marks, Editor

July-September, 1976 - II:3, Henry Marks, Editor

October-December, 1976 - II:4, Henry Marks, Editor

Volume III, 1977

January-February, 1977 - III:1, Henry Marks, Editor

April-June, 1977 - III:2, Henry Marks, Editor

July-September, 1977 - III:3, Henry Marks, Editor

October-December, 1977 - III:4, Henry Marks, Editor

Volume IV, 1978

January-March 1978 - IV:1, Henry Marks, Editor

Volume V, 1978-1979

Fall 1978 - V:1 Linda Bayer, Editor

I. Tax Reform Act of 1976
II. Standards for Rehabilitation
III. Alabama Ad Valorem Taxation
IV. National Register Properties in Madison County

Winter 1979 - V:2, Linda Bayer, Editor

I. Its Architecture and Preservation
II. Its Revitalization

Spring 1979 - V:3, Linda Bayer, Editor

Summer 1979 - V:4, Linda Bayer, Editor

Volume VI, 1979-1980

Fall 1979 - VI:1, Linda Bayer, Editor

Winter 1980 - VI:2, Linda Bayer, Editor

Spring 1980 - VI:3, Linda Bayer, Editor

Summer 1980 - VI:4, Linda Bayer, Editor

Volume VII, 1980-1981

Fall 1980 - VII:1, Linda Bayer, Editor

Winter 1981 - VII:2, Linda Bayer, Editor

The Historical Background
The New Listings

Spring 1981 - VII:3, Linda Bayer, Editor
The Memphis & Charleston Railroad in Alabama, 1850-1898

Summer 1981 - VII:4, Linda Bayer, Editor

Volume VIII, 1981-1982

Fall 1981 - VIII:1, Linda Bayer, Editor
The Maria Howard Weeden House (300 Gates Avenue)

Winter 1982 - VIII:2, Linda Bayer, Editor

Spring 1982 - VIII:3, Linda Bayer, Editor
Constitution Hall Park

Summer 1982 - VIII:4, Linda Bayer, Editor

Volume IX, 1982-1983

Fall/Winter 1982/83 - IX:1&2, Linda Bayer, Editor
Roadside Architecture

Spring/Summer 1983 - IX:3&4, Linda Bayer, Editor

The McCartney-Bone-Wilbourn House

Volumes X & XI, 1983-1985

Fall/Winter 1983/84 - X:1&2, Micky Maroney, Editor

Spring/Summer/Fall 1984 - X:3&4 and XI:1, Micky Maroney, Editor

Winter/Spring 1985 - XI:2&3, Micky Maroney, Editor

Summer 1985 - XI:4, Micky Maroney, Editor

Volume XII, 1985-1986

Fall/Winter 1985/86 - XII:1&2, Micky Maroney, Editor

Spring/Summer 1986 - XII:3&4, Micky Maroney, Editor

Volumes XIII & XIV, 1986-1988

Fall 1986 - XIII:1, Micky Maroney, Editor
Huntsville and Madison County Chamber of Commerce - 1919

Winter 1987 - XIII:2, Micky Maroney, Editor

Spring 1987 - XIII:3, Micky Maroney, Editor

Summer/Fall 1987 - XIII:4 & XIV:1, Micky Maroney, Editor

A Tourist's-Eye-View of Huntsville: Picture Postcards, Early 1900's to Mid 1950's

Winter/Spring 1988 - XIV:2&3, Micky Maroney, Editor

Summer 1988 - XIV:4, Micky Maroney, Editor

Volume XV, 1988-1989

Fall/Winter 1988-89 - XV:1&2, Micky Maroney, Editor

Spring 1989 - XV:3, Micky Maroney, Editor

Summer 1989 - XV:4, Micky Maroney, Editor

Volume XVI, 1990

Winter/Spring 1990 - XVI:1&2, Elise Stephens, Editor

Summer/Fall 1990 - XVI:3&4, Elise Stephens, Editor
Gardens & Porches

Volume XVII, 1991

Winter/Spring 1991 - XVII:1&2, Elise Stephens, Editor
World War II 50th Anniversary Issue

Summer/Fall 1991 - XVII:3&4, Elise Stephens, Editor
Huntsville on the Move

Volume XVIII, 1992-1993

Spring/Summer 1992 - XVIII:1&2, Elise Stephens, Editor

Fall/Winter 1992-93 - XVIII:3&4, Elise Stephens, Editor
True Tales of Old Madison County [reprint
Virgil Carrington (Pat) Jones

Volume XIX, 1993

Spring/Summer 1993 - XIV(XIX):1&2, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
HAL Presents Huntsville

History Day Contributions:

Fall/Winter 1993 - XIX:3&4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
In Search of Bridges of Madison County

Volume XX, 1994

Spring 1994 - XX:1, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Burritt Museum and Park: A Preservation Legacy

Summer 1994 - XX:2, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
A Preservation Sampler

Fall 1994 - XX:3, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Celebrating Preservation Triumphs

Winter 1994 - XX:4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Index Issue

Volume XXI, 1995

Spring 1995 - XXI:1, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Restoring Our Railroad History

Summer 1995 - XXI:2, Carol Kamback, Guest Editor
The Community as Classroom

Fall 1995 - XXI:3, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Stained Glass Windows & Doors to Nowhere

Winter 1995 - XXI:4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Preservation for All Times and All Seasons

Volume XXII, 1996

Spring 1996 - XXII:1, Minneola Dixon, Guest Editor
Oakwood College, Architecture of the Spirit

Summer 1996 - XXII:2, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Home is Where the Hearth Is

Fall 1996 - XXII:3, Elise H. Stephens, Editor

Winter 1996 - XXII:4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Index Issue

Volume XXIII, 1997

Spring 1997 - XXIII:1, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
The Freeman House, Hawthorne Conservatory, Central Presbyterian Church, Huntsville, Alabama

Summer 1997 - XXIII:2, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Out and About in North Alabama

Fall 1997 - XXIII:3, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Harrison Brothers, Celebrating 100 Years on the Square

Winter 1997 - XXIII:4, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Preservation for the Common Good: Land, Art, Memories and a New Foundation Home Next Door to Harrison Brothers On the Square

Volume XXIV, 1998

Spring 1998 - XXIV:1, Elise H. Stephens, Editor
Restoration and RemembranceThe Huntsville Pilgrimage

Summer 1998 - XXIV:2, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Log Houses: Building Blocks in Madison County

Fall 1998 - XXIV:3, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Saving Historically or Architecturally Significant Sites and Structures: What Qualifies?

Winter 1998 - XXIV:4, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Around the Courthouse Square, 1900 to 1955

Volume XXV, 1999

Spring/Summer 1999 - XXV:1&2, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Harvie P. Jones, FAIA, Retrospective

Fall/Winter 1999 - XXV:3&4, Margaret J. Vann, Editor
Harvie P. Jones, FAIA, Retrospective II

Volume XXVI, 2000

Spring/Summer 2000 - XXVI:1&2, Margaret J. Vann, Editor

Fall 2000 - XXVI:3, Heather A. Cross, Editor
The Hundley Legacy: The Architectural and Urban Impact

Volume XXVII, 2001

Spring/Summer 2001 - XXVII:1&2, Heather A. Cross, Editor
The Five Points Historic District: A Community of Neighbors

Fall 2001 - XXVII:3, Heather A. Cross, Editor
Upon This Rock: A Foundation in Stone Construction

Winter 2001 - XXVII:4, Heather A. Cross, Editor
The Rosenwald Plan: Architecture for Education

Rural Southern Education: History and Background
The Rosenwald Plan
The Architecture of Rosenwald Schools
Jeanes Schools
Rosenwald Schools in Madison County: Conyers, Councill, Farmer's Capital, Graysom, Horton, Mt. Carmel, Mt. Lebanon, Silver Hill, Toney
Afterword: The Remains of a Dream
Special Acknowledgements

Volume XXVIII, 2002

Spring 2002 - XXVIII:1, Margaret J. Vann, Guest Editor
A Model Restoration: The 1887 Goldsmith-Donovan House

Summer/Fall 2002 - XXVIII:2&3, Maureen Drost, Guest Editor
Mr. O'Shaughnessy's Dream House (2005 Kildare Ave)

Winter 2002 - XXVII [XXVIII:4, Heather A. Cross, Editor
Adding to History: Preserving Newman Avenue

Volume 29, 2003

Spring/Summer 2003 - 29:1&2, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones & Patricia Ryan, Editors
Preservation Primer

Fall/Winter 2003 - 29:3&4, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones & Patricia Ryan, Editors
Preservation: Progress and Setbacks

Volume 30, 2004

Spring/Summer 2004 - 30:1&2, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones & Pat Ryan, Editors
The Lowe House Dependency (210 Williams Avenue)

Fall/Winter 2004 - 30:3&4, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones & Pat Ryan, Editors
The Russel Erskine Hotel

Volume 31, 2005

Spring/Summer 2005 - 31:1&2, Linda Allen, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones, Patricia Ryan, Editors
Cotton Hill [Limestone County

Fall/Winter 2005 - 31:3&4, Linda Allen, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones, Patricia Ryan, Editors
Huntsville Daily Times Building

Volume 32, 2006

Spring/Summer 2006 - 32:1&2, Linda Allen, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones, Patricia Ryan, Editors
19th-Century Dependencies

Fall/Winter 2006 - 32:3&4, Linda Allen, Diane Ellis, Lynn Jones, Patricia Ryan, Editors
A Tradition of Research and Preservation


(Spring 2008), Jeanne Steadman, Editor
Train Whistles and Front Porch Swings: Exploring Historic Madison