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[View]  Series 2 - Roberts
These papers include material about the family history of Dr. Roberts, her early education, and college, teaching career at Huntsville High School and UAH. Also there are a few notes for her M. A. "An Experiment in Emancipation of Slaves by an Alabama Planter," 1940. (The majority of this material is at the Hoole Library, Tuscaloosa, UA.) Notes for the Dissertation "Background and Formative Period in the Great Bend and Madison County," 1956, are included here also. There is also a great deal of miscellaneous personal correspondence that is sorted only by decade.
[View]  Series 3 - Roberts Collection - UAH
All additional papers have been incorporated into already existing UAH records in the Archives.
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[View]  Series 5 - Roberts Collection - Gainesville, Ala.
Family History. Lucy Cabaniss (sister of Septimus Cabaniss of Huntsville) married Baker Roberts, a merchant, of Gainesville, Alabama, in 1879. Their children were Virginia C. Roberts, Ellen D. Roberts, Richard H. Roberts, and Sarah (Sallie) Lucy Roberts. Of these, only Richard Roberts had descendents. Richard married Mary Watson who taught school and later managed their store. Their children were Edna Roberts who married Clell Bailey; Frances Cabaniss Roberts; and Lucy Roberts. Besides the mercantile business, Mr. Roberts managed various land properties and raised cotton. Apparently, at several times his investments became entwined with the financial difficulties in Huntsville. Later Miss Ellen Roberts moved to Huntsville and lived with her aunt, Fannie Cabaniss, in the house on Randolph Street as did later her niece, Lucy Roberts. This also became the home of Dr. Frances Cabaniss Roberts.
[View]  Series 6 - Pettus/Spraggins Collection
This small collection was an example of a local family giving their collected papers to Dr. Roberts knowing that she would be interested in them, and they would be appreciated. These notes and letters of the WWI era reflect a more simple time during the teen and late teenage years of Ruth Elizabeth Pettus, daughter of merchant R.E. Pettus. Ruth married William E. Spragins in 1949. They had no children.
[View]  Series 7 - TARCOG (Top of Alabama Regional Council of Governments) (1973)
These are the original documents and snapshots prepared for Madison County's section of the publication of A Guide to Research Material Available for a Historical Survey of the TARCOG Region. (DeKalb, Jackson, Limestone, Marshall, and Madison Counties.) Madison County was divided by sections and information submitted on a standardized form attempting to locate and assess sites of historical and architectural importance. Dr. Roberts coordinated the local volunteers in this county-wide effort, and UAH is the official repository for this material. Also included is an edition of the results - TARCOG Regional Parks and Open Space Plan.
[View]  Series 8 - Monroe Collection
This small collection consists of miscellaneous papers saved by Paul Monroe during his time as Huntsville City Clerk. His daughter, Ray Monroe Laney and her brother who had lived across the street gave the papers to Dr. Roberts for safe keeping.
[View]  Series 9 - Fearn, Donegan & Co. (F&D)
These papers are a comprehensive set of Huntsville business papers of Dr. Thomas Fearn and James J. Donegan during their years (1837-1854) as cotton commissioners (cotton factors). The office in New Orleans particularly kept a steady business correspondence between the two offices. Included are papers one might expect to maintain a business at the times.
Included in Box 1 is a copy of a paper delivered by Dr. Roberts to the Alabama Historical Association in 1974, ""Fearn, Donegan and Company: A Case Study of the Cotton Factorage System in the Tennessee Valley."" Original partners of the company included Thomas Lockhart, Dr. Thomas Fearn, and James J. Donegan. Later Isaac W. Moon and Albert Crenshaw of New Orleans were partners, and then William P. Atwood. Matthew W. Steele and Arthur Mosley Hopkins of Huntsville joined the company, and still later Donegan's son, James H. Donegan after his graduation from Georgetown College worked for them.
These papers are sorted by year and then grouped as accounts, receipts, and statements; bills of lading receipts; correspondence from Liverpool, England, the New York office and balance sheets; business correspondence with local customers, then sorted generally by area; some few personally related correspondence (e.g. Weakley, Fearn, Donegan) court case; and a few telegrams.
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