William Echols (b1800)

 President of Huntsville (1851-1853), Mayor, Alderman and Judge

Born:1800, Lynchburg, Bedford, VA
Died:1863, Huntsville, AL
Father of:William Holding Echols (b1834)


•  The title of "President of Huntsville" was used instead of "Mayor" in the early years.

•  Married Mary S. Hobbs - Alabama Biography

•  He moved from Virginia to Huntsville at the age of sixteen with his family. - Alabama Biography

•  Served several terms as mayor of Huntsville. - Alabama Biography

•  Probate Judge in Madison County for several years. - Alabama Biography

•  Son of William Echols (b. 1771) and Mary (Farmer) Echols. He is William Echols IV. - Alabama Biography

•  Father of :
     1. John H. Echols, Secretary of State of Mississippi during the War of Secession
     2. Larkin W. Echols, who served in an Alabama Regiment of the C. S. Army, and was a planter and merchant at Senatobia, MS.
     3. David H. Echols, a railroad man who was drowned in the Yazoo River, Mississippi, while on a hunting tour.
     4. James H. Echols, a lieutenant in Russell's regiment, Wheeler's command. He was killed at Atlanta.
     5. Charles P. Echols, a farmer in Mississippi.
     6. William Holden Echols (b. 1834) Huntsville Leader (Engineer, Major CSA, Bank President, Bell Factory Bookkeeper) - Alabama Biography

•  William and Mary's daughters, omitted in the Alabama Biography bio. They include:
     1. Mary (b. 1832) married to Egbert J. Jones
     2. Susan (born about 1846)
     3. Ellen (born about 1848) married Ralph Walker, and Lucy (born about 1851) - Genealogy.com

•  "Mary S. Hobbs was born 1810 in Fredericksburg, Spotsylvania, VA, and died 1879 in Huntsville, Madison, AL." - Genealogy.com

•  According to Record, he was both president and mayor (several years). He is also listed as Alderman for several years. - Record

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