Helen Davis Fulton

Photo from Goldsmith and Fulton
 Public Relations for Huntsville Hospital and Author

Born:September 26, 1927, Huntsville, Alabama
Died:August 2, 2009, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama


•  The following is biographical information from Mrs. Fulton's book:
"Helen Davis Fulton, a native of Huntsville, was employed as assistant director of Huntsville Hospital's Public Relations Department in 1977. She is currently director of the department.
     An Accredited Public Relations Practitioner (APRP), Ms. Fulton is one of less than twelve individuals in Alabama to hold this nationally recognized designation for excellence in the public relations profession. She is active in, and former board member of, the Alabama Hospital Public Relations Society and the Public Relations Council of Alabama, in which she has served as an officer of the Huntsville Chapter. A free-lance writer and artist, Ms. Fulton has been the recipient of numerous awards for public relations activity." - Goldsmith and Fulton

•  Marriage license was granted for Helen Marie Davis and James Donald Fulton on Sept. 10, 1947. - MCRC

•  Mother of Christine Franklin and Terri Fulton - Find A Grave

•  The obituary says she was survived by her husband "Danny" - Find A Grave

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