William S. Frost

 Y.M.C.A. Organizer

Nickname:W. S.
Born:c1863, Illinois


•  In 1912 the Business Men's club reorganized with W. S. Frost as Secretary. - Record

•  "It was in 1909 that W. S. Frost came to Huntsville with the object of organizing the Huntsville branch of the Young Men's Christian Association.
     With the assistance of Judge Thomas W. Jones, a successful financial campaign was started bringing in many contributions from the public as well as a generous donation from Miss Virginia McCormick.
     In 1910, the property at 203 South Greene Street was purchased and on February 1, 1912, the building was ready for occupancy.
     The officers of the first board of directors were: president, Mr. R. E. Spragins; vice-president, Mr. A. M. Booth; secretary, Mr. Tom McAllister; and Mr. W. S. Frost, general secretary, and Mr. Herbert Johnson, Physical Director." - Sesquicentennial

•  "W.S. Frost came to Huntsville in 1909 for the purpose of organizing the Huntsville branch of the Young Men's Christian Association. Land for the building was purchased in 1910 and on February 1, 1912, the YMCA building, which was designed by local architect Edgar L. Love, was ready for occupancy." - Wright

•  This is what was written in The Huntsville Daily Times when W.S. Frost left his position at the Y. M. C. A.:      "J. S. Hunter, a live wire Y. M. C. A. worker, has arrived in the city and is now actively in charge of the secretaryship of the local organization.
     Mr. Hunter comes from Thomasville, Ga., and is a worker of recognized ability. He succeeds W. S. Frost, who recently resigned.
     A meeting of the Executive Committee of the Y. M. C. A. will be held tomorrow night to map out some of the work to be done under Mr. Hunter's direction.
     Several substantial improvements are already under way at the local building and from now on a real active organization will be maintained here, the influence of which will make a telling impression for good on this community.
     On Friday evening the good ladies of the Y. M. C. A. Ladies Auxiliary have planned for a magnificent house warming in honor of the new secretary, whose wife will join him here early in September.
     Mr. Hunter, who is an old newspaper man, paid The Daily Times a pleasant call this morning. He fairly beams with enthusiasm and possesses that fine throbbing and magnetic appearance that immediately wins for him friends. He is a good mixer and will prove a large moral force with the young men of the community.
     A campaign for membership will be one of the features launched immediately and will prove a success. - The Huntsville Daily Times

•  This source shows W. S. Frost to be Secretary of a Y. M. C. A. in Miami, Florida. - 1921 Yearbook

•  in 1912 the Ceramics Club was active with Mrs. W. S. Frost as president. - Record

•  Mother's name: Jullia D. Frost - 1910 Census

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