Oliver W. Fraser

 Nursery Businessman

Born:September 6, 1887, Huntsville, Alabama
Died:November 12, 1978, Birmingham, Alabama
Buried:Elmwood Cemetery, Birmingham, Alabama
Brother of:James William Fraser
Brother of:John Fraser, Jr.
Son of:John Fraser, Sr.


•  Married Octavia Rebecca Otey (1890 -1982) - Ancestry.com

•  Father of:
     Jean born about 1916
     Mary born January 22, 1917, married Offie Lou Ford Jr.; died February 20, 2008
     Oliver W. Jr. born Nov. 3, 1918, married Faye, and died June 3, 2009
     Edith born about 1920
     Rebecca born Aug. 2, 1925, married Francis "Frank" Cater, and died May 20, 2009. - 1930 Census

•  "Birmingham nursery owner and landscaper Ollie W. Fraser (born in Huntsville in 1877) developed many popular varieties of hollies, particularly of the Chinese holly group, but his greatest achievement was the identification of the red-tip photinia (Photinia x fraseri), a hardy fast-growing evergreen with attractive bright red foliage on new growth. Although rarely planted in Alabama because of a devastating foliar disease, Fraser photinia is still grown in some nurseries and shipped to more arid southwestern states, where the disease is not a major problem." - Encyclopedia of Alabama

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