Samuel Coltart

 Pioneer and Early Huntsville Settler

Born:March 16, 1794, Stewarty of Kirkcudbright, Scotland
Died:1873, Huntsville
Husband of:Jane Wilson - Married Jane Wilson in 1820 while still in Philadelphia
Father of:Robert W. Coltart


•  "Coltart, Samuel, pioneer, came to America from Gate House upon Fleet, Scotland, and spent his life in Huntsville, where he died in 1873. He was one of the founders and earliest settlers of Huntsville. He was a devout Presbyterian and is commemorated by a marble tablet in the church at Huntsville. He was a Mason." - Alabama Biography

•  He immigrated to Philadelphia in 1819 and settled in Huntsville. -

•  "Married with children - One of his two sons, Col. John Gordon Coltart, served in the C. S. Army as captain of the Madison Rifles, Seventh Alabama infantry regiment, and later as colonel of the Fiftieth Alabama regiment. He was in the army throughout the war, and was sheriff of Madison County at the time of his death in 1869. The other son, Robert Wilson Coltart, was Confederate States marshal for the northern district of Alabama during the War of Secession, and after that time served as mayor of the city of Huntsville for several terms. He died in 1879. Henry G. Coltart, of the Louisville & Nashville Railroad Company, Memphis, Tenn., is a grandnephew of Samuel Coltart." - Alabama Biography

•  Worked to further the restrictions on dramshops (businesses selling alcoholic beverages). - Transforming the Cotton Frontier

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• - He immigrated to Philadelphia in 1819 and settled in Huntsville.

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