Aaron Franks

 Lamplighter in Huntsville

Born:c1814, Kentucky


•  In 1871 "Huntsville Gas Light Company decided to sell more capital stock and rebuild their gas works. Thirteen gas lamps were put on city streets and Huntsville appointed its first official Lamplighter, Aaron Franks." Also listed in Record's second volume 1874-1877, 1882-1883. - Record

•  May 5, 1874: "City of Huntsville Board of Aldermen Minutes recorded that Alderman Patterson made a motion for the compensation of the Street Lamp Lighter. Aaron Franks was appointed to fill the position for eight dollars per month." - Eden

•  In her fictionalized story of a period of Huntsville's history, Sarah Huff Fisk mentions Aaron Franks as a nozzleman for the Volunteer Fire Department. - Fisk

•  Active in First Baptist:
     1868 served on the Absentee Visitation Committee.
     1868 served on the committee to solicit contributions to finish the church building.
     1870 appointed to receive the ministers and messengers for the meeting of The General Association of North Alabama.
     1870 appointed messenger to the Liberty Baptist Association meeting.
      1883 delegate to the Session of the Liberty Baptist Association. - Bobo & Johnson

•  Wife's first name is Lucinda sometime called "Lou" - 1880 Census

•  Lists his work as a Confectioner. - 1870 Census

•  In the index of Madison County Probate Records is case 3892, in 1885, "resignation as constable." - Editor's Note

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