Harry Davis Edwin Foxworthy

 Engineer & Construction

Born:June 21, 1913, Mason, Kentucky
Died:May 13, 1998, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama


•  Son of Harry Davis Foxworthy (1883-1958) and Alice Terhune (1887- 1929) - Ancestry.com

•  His official first name appears to be "Henry" that is his father's first name also. Perhaps he dropped the use of the "Henry" to avoid confusion. - Editor's Note

•  Married Grace Louise McKelvey, Oct. 8 1942, Madison County, AL. (Sometimes the marriage dates are for the marriage license, not the actual wedding.) - MCRC

•  List of accomplishments listed in Record's book published in 1978: "Division Chairman, UGF; Board of Directors, UGF; Sr. Vice Commander, VFW; President, Huntsville Society of American Metallurgical Engineers, 1959; Award of Achievement, UGF; Construction Foreman, Kershaw Butler Construction, original construction of Arsenal, January,1942; Director, Technical Services Office, MSFC, 1962-present." - Record

•  If the Ancestry.com page is correct, there were four marriages. Ancestry.com gives of two wives; names and withholds the names of two more (one might be the marriage registered in Madison County, AL on Oct. 8, 1942 to Grace Louise McKelvey). The listed names are Lucille T. Webb (1923-1988) and Edith (Jones) Boyce (1909-2006). - Ancestry.com

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