William H. Fowler


Born:October 8, 1813, Virginia
Died:December 27, 1869, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Concord Cumberland Presbyterian Cemetery, Madison County
Father of:George M. Fowler
Father of:John Carter Fowler


•  Son of Jacob B. Fowler (1784 - 1820) and Nancy Ann Ware (1788 - 1860) - Ancestry.com

•  "William H. Fowler was born 1813 in Virginia, he probably came to Tennessee and then to Madison County, between 1832 and 1835 because his first son was born in Tennessee in 1832. He settled on land that is now on Walt Whitman Road. He married, Rosanah (Rosa) Elkins (date not known). Rosanah was born 1814 in Tennessee. They are both buried in Concord cemetery. His headstone is next to the oldest in the cemetery. He died in 1869, she in 1883. Inscriptions, one on each of their stones states: Joined the Cumberland Presbyterian Church 1847.
     The Concord Presbyterian Church house burned 1873 destroying all records, but according to older members, William H. Fowler donated the land for the Church and old part of the cemetery. Concord cemetery is one of the few cemeteries in the county that charges no fees for burial plots. The patrons of the cemetery donate and a Bar-B-Cue is held each year the 4th of July as a fund-raiser for the cemetery." - Sizemore

•  Joined the C.P. Church in 1847 - Find A Grave

•  William and Rosa had fifteen children, seven boys and eight girls:
      George M, married Mary J. Grigsby
     Sarah A. (Sallie), married William K. Spelce
     Mary E, married Joel Riggins, second married, Middleton Fanning
     John Carter, married Louisa (Eliza) Sharp
     Virginia Everline, married James Steel Beard, second married John H. Rogers
     Margaret M, married Francis Asbury Province
     James W. (Jim), married Mrs. Arabelle Smith
     William Nacie (Buck), married Sallie L. Grigsby; their daughter Rosie married George Boles, the son of Jim Boles and Mary Willie Campbell
     Jinnie, married George Campbell, son of "Dority" Campbell
     Martha (Mat), married Sell Erby
     Willis Henry, married Millie Simmons. He owned a hardware store and funeral parlor in Dyersbury, Tennessee
     Susan Frances, married William T. Kilpatrick
     Saphronia, married George Britton
     Vincent (Bud), married Mary J. Gilliland, moved to Texas
     Alfred B, married Elizabeth (Liza) Jones, moved to Blystheville, Arkansas
     Felicia Alabama, married John W. Campbell, son of "Dority" Campbell. - Sizemore

•  William H. Fowler is the father of:
      George M. Fowler 1833 - 1921
     Sarah Ann Fowler 1835 - 1905
     Mary E. Fowler 1836 - 1894
     John Carter Fowler 1837 - 1921
     Virginia Everline Fowler 1840 - 1902
     Margaret Melinda Fowler 1841 - 1898
     James W. Fowler 1843 -
     William Nacie Fowler 1845 - 1901
     Martha Fowler 1847 -
     Willis Henry Fowler 1848 -
     Susan Francis Fowler 1851 -
     Saphronia C. Fowler 1853 -
     Vincent Graevet Fowler 1855 -
     Alfred B. Fowler 1857 -
     Felicia Alabama Fowler 1858 - - Ancestry.com

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