James William Fowler


Born:October 2, 1925, Huntsville, Alabama
Died:July 1, 2000, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Son of:Grace Lee Mason Fowler
Son of:William Madison Fowler


•  1941: Huntsville High School won the state football championship. And Bill Fowler was on that winning team. - Record 2

•  Married Janice Sipes Oct. 12, 1963 In Lincoln County, Tennessee. Janice was born Aug. 3, 1940. Her parents were Thomas E. Sipes and Jarell Bates. - Marriage record

•  During 1954 Bill Flowler started his Men's Wear Shop on Washington and Holmes. - Record 2

•  The following is a 1955 article about FOWLER'S Department Store

     "In Huntsville, the name Fowler immediately suggests the idea of good service and reliable wearing apparel for men, and women of various ages. For William Fowler has been in the merchandise business since 1916.
     In this year he and P. S. Dunnavant formed a partnership called Dunnavant and Fowler. This they kept for two years. Then they were joined by T. T. Terry and for two more years the store was known as Dunnavant, Fowler, and Terry.
     In 1920, Mr. Fowler sold his part of the organization out to his two partners. Then he and his brother, G. W. Fowler opened a store of their own called, Fowler Bros.
     These two brothers were together until 1932. C. W. Fowler moved to another town and his brother, William, was left in control of the Huntsville establishment.
     The store has been located in a number of sections of the business district and at present is at the corner of Jefferson and Washington Streets.
     Mr. William Fowler's wife is named Grace. They have two children, Bill and Frances.
     He is a member of the Chamber of Commerce and a former member of both the Rotary and the Kiwanis Clubs.
     Recently, Mr. Fowler and his son, Bill, opened another store at 200 N. Washington St. The name of this one is Bill's. It is a modern store specializing in the latest styles for men - suits, shirts, shoes and accessories.
     Bills' is noted for attractive window displays where clothes are shown with the proper background to denote the theme of the season.
     Bill Fowler lives at home with his parents. He is a member of the Acme Club and the Jaycees.
     The personnel at Foxclefs consists of 15 people; at Bill's - 5.
     Between the two stores customers are able to find correct outfits for all members of the family." - Sesquicentennial

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