Major David Fowler

 Operations Office of the Corps of Engineers.


•  Nancy Dickson's husband was brought to Huntsville as part of an advance team to ready Redstone Arsenal for its role in World War II. While here, she took a position in the Operations Office of the Corps of Engineers. She was uniquely placed to observe the people and progress. Of Captain David Fowler she said: "The officers called in from the Reserve were knowledgeable in the techniques of constructing a chemical manufacturing plant, which somewhat resembled an oil refinery. Among these, Captain David Fowler, Operations Officer, a graduate of Georgia Tech, was a tall, graceful, blonde in his early thirties who could have passed as a Confederate Army officer." - Dickson

•  Nancy Dickson described a controversy about construction issues. It centered on the original plan with higher time and materials demands or seeking alternatives when the pressures of the war began to intrude on the formulas. The controversy was elevated to higher levels for a decision and the decision favored pragmatism and the "Can Do" philosophy. After that resolution, a series of people were promoted and Captain Fowler became a Major. - Dickson

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