Charles S. Fowler

Wife of Charles S. Fowler, Juriah James Graham Fowler. Photo posted to by Dennis Simpson

Born:March 27, 1827, Mobile, Alabama
Died:December 11, 1889, Pond Beat, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Dickson-Rankin Cemetery on Redstone Arsenal, Madison County, AL


•  Son of Daniel Fowler (1795 - 1873) and Mary A. Coan (-1853) - Redstone

•  Marriage Dec. 13, 1855, Lowndes, Mississippi -

•  Husband of Juriah James "JJ" Graham Fowler (born Oct. 3, 1839 in Somerville, Morgan County, Alabama, and died Jan. 14, 1913 in Birmingham, Jefferson County, Alabama). She is buried next to her father at the old Somerville Cemetery, Somerville, Morgan County, Alabama." - Redstone

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