Joseph Schaffer Foster, Sr. (1890)

 Founder of Double Cola

Nickname:Joe S.
Born:January 17, 1890
Died:March 4, 1945
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Father of:Joseph Schaffer Foster, Jr. (1917)


•  Married to Maude Bamberg Foster (1890-1974) - Find A Grave, His

•  "Joe S. Foster, Sr. and C. D. Little established the Cheri Cola Bottling Company during 1919 in Huntsville, a business destined to become the Double Cola Bottling Company, an outfit that became nationwide in its sales." - Record 2

•  The Double Cola Bottling Company was founded in 1919 by Joe S. Foster, Sr., and C. D. Little in Huntsville.
     Since that time, Double Cola has grown into a nationwide organization, with Huntsville being one of the key plants.
     First location for Double Cola was at 206 West Holmes Street, when it operated under the name of Chero-Cola Bottling Company. The name was changed in 1928, at which time it became known as the Seminole Bottling Company, bottling Brandywine and Double Orange beverages.
     In 1935 the name of the company was changed to its present name, and the firm entered into present large operations.
     The C. D. Little interest was purchased in 1939 by Joe S. Foster, Sr., and interest in the Huntsville plant was transferred by him to his children, Joe S. Foster, Jr., and Florence Foster Broadway.
     In the fall of 1939, the plant was moved to its present location at 119 Jefferson Street, three years after Joe S. Foster, Jr., had assumed managership of the company.
     The year 1945 was a dark one for Double Cola, marked by the decease of Joe S. Foster, Sr. He had lived, however, to see the culmination of one of his fondest dreams, that of Double Cola becoming one of the major bottlers in America.
     Other products of the company, besides Double Cola, include Double Orange, Double Lemon, and Double Dry Ginger Ale." - Double Cola

•  At least three Joe S. Fosters were influential in Madison County history. Please let us know if you find where we have assigned a specific contribution to the wrong person. - Editor's note

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