Joe Sherrill Foster (1929)

 Engineer, United States Army Reserve Officer

Born:August 11, 1929, Tuscaloosa, Alabama


•  Born on August 11, 1929 in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, he is the son of John Louis and Nevada (Chitwood) Foster. On his paternal side, he is the grandson of William Cornelius Foster, and a direct descendant of Colonel John Foster. - Grove

•  Mr. Foster attended Tuscaloosa, Alabama, High School, and he earned the B. S. degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Alabama. - Grove

•  On February 10, 1951, he married Frances Anne Seale of Tuscaloosa, Alabama. - Grove

•  Children: Joe Sherrill, Jr., Michael Howard, Elizabeth Seale, and John William. - Grove

•  Employed from February 1951 to April 1956 as Development Engineer with Rohm and Haas Company, Then he served as Head of Propellant Processing for that Company in Huntsville, Alabama. - Grove

•  Mr. Foster belonged to the professional engineering fraternity, Theta Tau, and he held membership in American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and American Men of Science. - Grove

•  During the Korean War, he served from February 1951 to August 1953 with the rank of Second Lieutenant in the Signal Corps of the United States Army Reserve, being on active duty from July to August of 1953. - Grove

•  Mr. Foster's religious affiliation: Trinity Methodist Church, Huntsville, AL. - Grove

•  Recreation: Gardening, Automobiles - Grove

•  At least three Joe S. Fosters were influential in Madison County history. Please let us know if you find where we have assigned a specific contribution to the wrong person. - Editor's note

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