James A. Foster

 Telephone Lineman, Rescuer


•  In the church history book edited by Pat Tumminello, they have collected news items related to people connected to the church, in one way or another. This news items came from the Huntsville Weekly Democrat (Sept. 20, 1905): A man by the name of Ed Daugherty (from St. Mary of the Visitation Church) was repairing a telephone line when he "was nearly electrocuted by a live wire. Jas Foster saw him smoking and climbed the pole and rescued him." "James A. Foster, the telephone line-man who so fearlessly saved Ed Daugherty from being electrocuted the other day, was presented with a Maltese Cross of Honor by the Telephone management and employees, for his bravery. The cross is the badge of the Order of Red Men, of which he is a member." - Tumminello

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