Ephraim Hubbard T. Foster (1822)

Photo from Ancestry.com (shawn383)

Susan Foster, wife of Ephraim Foster. Photo from Ancestry.com (shawn383)

Born:October 1822, Nashville, Tennessee or Alabama
Died:1904, Alabama


•  Son of James Harvey Foster (1798-1876) and Narcissa Hubbard Saunders (1804-1845) - Ancestry.com

•  Married Susan A. Watkins July 7, 1847 in Lawrence, AL. - Ancestry.com

•  Father of:
     James Harvey Foster (1848 - )
     Paul Foster (1850 -)
     Henry C Foster (1853 - )
     Elizabeth "Bettie" W. Foster (1855 - 1910)
     Narcissa H. Foster (1857 - )
     George W. Foster (1859 - )
     Susan "Susie" A. Foster (1861 - )
     Francis "Fannie" C. Foster (1864 - 1953)
     Mary Foster (1866 - )
     Ephraim H. Foster ((1871-1926) - Ancestry.com

•  The article tells of the beginning stages of creating the West Huntsville Y.M.C.A. Miss Mary Virginia McCormick had provided the money for the buildings and ground. Mrs. Blaine and Miss Alker served as Miss McCormicks representative. Of Mr. Foster, this is said: "The Association organization was perfected by Dr. E. H. T. Foster, representing the Industrial Department of the National Y.M.C.A." - YMCA

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