Ephraim H. Foster (1871)


Born:July 4, 1871, Courtland, Alabama
Died:December 2, 1926, Okmulgee, Oklahoma
Buried:Huntsville, Alabama


•  Son of Ephraim Hubbard Foster (1822-1904) and Susan A. Watkins. - Ancestry.com

•  Married Susie Huff, Guntersville, April 8, 1901 - UofA

•  Degrees from University of Alabama: 1887 & 1892. - UofA

•  "He came from a family of lawyers. His father, Ephraim E. Foster, the 2nd, born in Nashville, Tenn., moved to Alabama, and engaged in the practice of law in that state. His great uncle, Ephraim H. Foster, the 1st, born in 1795, was a member of the bar at Nashville, Tenn., a great lawyer and a noted United States Senator from Tennessee." - Oklahoma

•  "Having received his legal education at the University of Alabama and been admitted to the bar, he formed a law partnership with Lawrence Cooper of Huntsville, Ala., and for a number of years enjoyed a lucrative practice." He moved to Oklahoma in 1907 and practiced his profession there first with the Legal Department of the St. Louis-San Francisco Railroad, then as the Assistant General Attorney for Oklahoma and finally back to "general practice until his death, at which time he ranked as one of the leaders of the bar of the state." - Oklahoma

•  "Ephraim practiced law with the firm of Grayson & Foster, at 303 Franklin Street. He resided at the McGee's Hotel. He died December 2, 1926, and was buried in Maple Hill Cemetery, in Section 16 Row 8." - Sins

•  E.H. Foster was a defense attorney for Dennis Smith. The trial was underway when the people in Huntsville were preparing to lynch Horace Maples (1904). The Maples story begins on page 215 but that drama does not converge with Foster's case until page 251. - Sins

•  Ephraim H. Foster was appointed Special Judge for Gaston V. State (Supreme Court of Alabama, May 18, 1898). - Southern Reporter

•  Mrs. Ephraim Foster
Services Today for Mrs. Foster
Huntsville Native Died At Hospital Yesterday Following Long Illness
     "Funeral services for Mrs. Ephraim H. Foster were held at 3.30 p.m. today at the Church of the Nativity, the Rev. John H. Bonner officiating.
     Mrs. Foster died early Sunday morning at the Huntsville hospital, after a long illness.
     Born in Huntsville. Mrs. Foster was the former Susan Withers Huff, daughter of the late Henry and Mary Withers Huff.
     Having lost both parents in childhood, she was reared in the home of her uncle and aunt, the late Mr.: and Mrs. James B. White, parents of Mrs. W. W. Newman.
     In 1901, she married Mr. Foster, a Huntsville attorney. They moved to Okmulgee, Oklahoma, where they lived until Mr. Foster's death in 1936. Mrs. Foster returned to Huntsville in 1937, and resided at the Mima Court apartments until 1949, when she became ill and was removed to the Huntsville hospital. She remained there until her death.
     Survivors Include Mrs. W. W. Newman, her first cousin and foster-sister; Mrs. Newman's family, and families of the- late Lawson W. White and the late A. W. White.
     Burial was in Maple Hill cemetery. Pallbearers were Hammond Dyes. M. M. Hutchens, William Hutchens, M. H. Lanier. John Wall, A. W. White. Jr., James M White and L. W. L. White." - The Huntsville Times

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