Clyde Foster

Photo by Hamilton Bims for Ebony.
 NASA Mathematical Analyzer & Triana Mayor

Born:November 21, 1931, Birmingham, Alabama


•  Attended (graduated) Alabama A&M, Majored in chemistry and minored in math. - Flint Board of Education

•  "After a two year Army hitch, he joined the old Army Ballistic Missile Center unit at Huntsville as a civilian and later Marshall, largest of nine research centers of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). He analyzes weather data gathered above Cape Kennedy, Fla., site of NASA's rocket firings." - Flint Board of Education

•  Married Dorothy - Flint Board of Education

•  In 1964, through the efforts of Clyde Foster and James Record, the charter for the town of Triana was re-in-instated. "Rejuvenated is the word used." - Record 2

•  He was the Mayor of Triana starting in 1964 and was still in that office when Record published his book in 1978. - Record 2

•  Lead a successful drive to again have Triana incorporated in 1964. - Record 2

•  As mayor of Triana, Clyde Foster, lead in a lawsuit against the Olin Corporation for DDT Contamination. The matter was settled out of court. The link details the case, the settlement and the distribution of moneys. - DDT

•  "The Space Age began when America was going through a wrenching battle over Civil Rights. And because NASA had chosen to base itself in the heart of the old Confederacy, it played an unintended role in Civil Rights history." - Paul

•  Father of Amitra, Edith, Clydas - Bims

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•  Record 2 - A Dream Come True: The Story of Madison County and Incidentally of Alabama and the United States, Volume II, by James Record, 1978, pages 461, 751.

•  Triana - "Clippings from Triana Municipal Files: Welcome to Town of Triana 'The City of Wonders'" for the Historic Huntsville Quarterly, Vol. XXIII, #2, Summer, 1997, Historic Huntsville Foundation, page 124. With historic information about Mr. Clyde Foster's role in the city of Triana.

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