Thomas L. Fossick, Sr.

Photo of the St. Mary of the Visitation apse and sacistry built by Fossick (church website)

Photo from Tumminello
 Builder and Stone Mason

Born:April 14, 1817, Ingleton, England
Died:January 13, 1894
Buried:Holy Cross Cemetery, Tuscumbia, Alabama


•  Immigrated to the United States through the port in New York in 1849. - Tumminello

•  Married Margaret Richardson (born April 30, 1808, England) in 1939. - Tumminello

•  Mr. Fossick was a skilled stonemason contracted to built the apse and sacristy for Huntsville's St. Mary of the Visitation Church. He was a member for the Tuscumbia church. - Tumminello

•  Speaking of his work with our St. Mary of the Visitation Church this is said: "Fossick, who was a renowned stone mason and sculptor, owned a quarry of good limestone near Russellville, Alabama, and stone from that quarry was used to form the outer walls of the sacristy and the replaced portion of the back wall of the church. Ashlar masonry techniques were used for all visible work; the stones on the walls are small by comparison to those of the original church. Most stones were cut to shape with a saw and many have definite saw marks." - Tumminello

•  In her article about the Memphis & Charleston Railroad Company, Catherine Gilliliam included the following note about a Fossick Quarry Branch of the line that serviced one of Fossick's stone quarries: "In 1870 T. L. Fossick & Co. built a branch from the M&C main line to their 'fine stone quarry" two miles north of Dickson, Alabama. No station was built there by the M&C." - Gilliam

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