John Ford (c1841)


Born:c1841, Madison County, Alabama
Died:May 26, 1893
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Son of:John Ford (1788)
Grandfather of:Lee Drake Ford
Son of:Marianne Roper Ford


•  Married Lucy L. Jones Dec. 16, 1874 in Madison County, AL. Lucy was born in 1851 in Madison County, AL and died on Dec. 19, 1905 in Huntsville, Madison County, AL. (Sometimes the marriage dates are for the marriage license, not the actual wedding.) - MCRC & OneWorldTree

•  August 21. 1877, "John Ford killed William McCalley, with a knife, during a chase down the courthouse corridor." - Record, Vol. 2

•  Lee Drake Ford is listed as the son of "John Ford, c1841" in OneWorldTree.
     In the "Sins" book, by Fred B. Simpson with Mary N. Daniel & Gay C. Campbell, Lee Drake Ford is mentioned as John c1841's grandson.
     The Census of 1900 lists Lucy J. as head of household and also lists Lee D. Ford. But Lee D. Ford's "relation to head" is difficult to read. The word "son" is clear, but there is a mark before it that recorded was an abbreviation for "adopted" but others thought it was an abbreviation for "grandson".
     We looked at the original and could not tell.
     If he is a grandson, the linking generation is unknown to us. - Editoral Note

•  John's wife, Lucy J, was listed as a widow in 1900. This indicates John died before 1900. His wife, Lucy, is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery and the only John Ford buried there before 1900 died May 26, 1893. We are going to list that in the data section, but if someone could confirm or deny that date, we would appreciate more clear information. - 1900 Census

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