James Newton Ford

 Lawyer, Farmer

Born:April 25, 1848, Germantown, Shelby County, Tennessee
Died:April 25, 1942, Memphis, Shelby, Tennessee
Buried:Elmwood, Memphis, Tennessee


•  Son of Newton Ford and Appless Lanier Frazier Ford - Ancestry.com

•  Married:
1.) Martha "Mattie" Pamela Howard Dec. 8, 1870 in Madison County, AL (1845-1875)
Children from that union:
     Howard Ford
     Jane Ford
     Newton Ford
2.) Julia Margaret Scruggs, Feb. 17, 1887 in Madison County, AL (1877-1966)
Children from that union:
     Mattie Ford Hindall
     Rene Rebecca Ford
- Ancestry.com

•  He was listed as a stockholder in the Monte Sano Hotel. - Record, Vol. 2

•  This is what was said about the sale of the J.N. Ford Farm to the Seventh Day Adventists for the Oakwood College expansion: "The second phase of the College's expansion involves the purchase of all of Section 20, Township 3, Range 1 West. This was the sale by James N. Ford and his wife, Julia, of 618 acres to the Seventh Day Adventist Church of Washington, DC, for $24,750." James N. Ford bought some of this property on Dec. 26, 1883 from William Irwin and the remaining portion from the estate of Charles P. Cabaniss (Executor: Septimus Cabaniss). This tract, the Ford farm, was sold to the Seventh Day Adventist Church on September 10, 1918. - Jones & Roberts

•  The Scruggs family (J.N. Ford's second wife was from that family) is also woven into the history of the land where Oakwood College is now located. The progressions are too complicated to include here, but the full text can be read through the link. - Jones & Roberts

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