Harold E. Ford

 Laboratory Technician

Nickname:H. E.


•  The Oakwood College building for Natural Science and Mathematics is named Ford Hall. "The H. E. Ford Science Hall, built in 1954, was named in memory of Henry E. Ford, a World War I veteran, who excelled in x-ray and earned himself an excellent position at the large Hinsdale Sanitarium near Chicago." - Thompson

•  Mentioned in the history of Dinsdale Sanitarium and Hospital: In 1920, A new brick addition was completed, "at a cost of $146,000 adding accommodations for 50 patients in nicely furnished rooms. Under H. E. Ford, its technician, the laboratory had been enlarged to carry out tests in pathology, serology, blood chemistry, and basal metabolism. No longer would that work have to be sent out." - Hinsdale Sanitarium

•  Mr. Ford instructed students in laboratory techniques. - Hinsdale Sanitarium

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