Annie R. Ford

Photo from Torrence


•  Mrs. Annie R. Ford served at the DeBerry Branch of the Huntsville Public Library system and was later transferred to the Cavalry Hill School to serve there as its first librarian. Cavalry Hill School opened for the 1958-59 school year. "For the second time, Black students enrolled in a new school designed just for them and not left over from past usage by some other group. This may appear to be a strange observation, but except for consolidation of some county schools some Black schools were still housed in left over sites or churches."
     "Through a pledge of $3,910 from the City Council for equipment, this fund provided 500 volumes of new books. Students used the library during the day, and new hours based upon attendance by the public, would be established after 3:00 p.m."
     "Teachers used the library to focus on academic excellence. They were well aware of the sweeping tide of civil unrest and the cultural pressures Black students would face. With new audio visual aids, televisions, movie projectors, slide projectors, and record players as a part of the library holdings, teachers directed the goals of the student toward subject related reading, coordinated their efforts, and kept the focus on producing students who would soon have to survive in an educational environment different from any previous experiences." - Torrence

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•  Torrence - Dulcina DeBerry: Door Opener, by Missouri L. Torrence, 1996, pages 104-105, 110, 112.