Col. Philip Blanchard Foote

 Air Force Colonel

Born:July 9, 1906, Rialto, San Bernardino, CA
Died:December 12, 1992, Winchester, Tennessee
Buried:Arlington National cemetery


•  Commander of 24 Air Depot Wing at Clark Air Base, Philippines Sept. 18, 1952- Nov. 5, 1953. - Abstract

•  Married to Patsy Walsh (December 9, 1924 in Fostoria, Ohio -August 31, 2006 in Sugar Land, Texas). They were married Jan. 3, 1947 in Colorado Springs.) He may have been a married before that to Dorothy Marie Garrett (1911-1997) on Dec. 1933 in San Francisco, CA. - Patsy

•  Col. and Mrs. Foote "traveled the world, living in Florida, Washington, D.C., Japan, the Philippines, Utah, California, England, New Jersey and finally settling in Huntsville, Alabama, in 1967." - Tumminello

•  Son of William Taylor Foote (1856-1927) and Margaret Blanchard (1872-1963) -

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