Schuyler Harris Floyd

 Insurance Agent, Stock & Bond Broker

Born:October 8, 1873, Alabama
Died:January 25, 1942, Camilla, Mitchell County, Georgia
Buried:Oakview Cemetery, Camilla, Mitchell So., Georgia
Son of:Capt. John Buchanan Floyd - Son of John B Floyd and Fannie H. Floyd


•  He was a member of Huntsville Rifles, "an organization of young men who drilled regularly once a week and acted as a civic body on occasion." In 1898 they turned to more serious business. He was as a Lieutenant to fight in the war against Spain. They were Company "F" of the Third Alabama Regiment of National Guards. - Chapman

•  This is the account of the Huntsville Rifles Group joining the Spanish-American War. It differs from Chapman's account in some respects (Chapman lists S. Floyd as a Lieutenant and Record lists him as a Private). Because it is difficult to sort the details, we will include both accounts: "The local Alabama State Troop group at Huntsville also went into service. The company had formerly been known as the Huntsville Rifles, Company K, until it disbanded in 1897 to re-form as the Monte Sano Light Guards, Company K. Second Regiment, with R. M. Fletcher, Jr. as Captain and Tom Hooper as First Sergeant. In 1898 the company became Company F and was transferred to the Third Regiment. Fletcher later resigned and Robert L. Hay was elected Captain. The group went to Camp Clark near Mobile where Hay resigned and Humes C. Laughlin assumed command. The command died not see battle action, however, but Private Schuyler H. Floyd died from fever. - Combined Record and Chapman

•  Married:
Mitylene "Mattie" Sherrod (1870-1910) Mar 17, 1900 in Birmingham, AL
     Children (all born in Huntsville):
     Sherrod Floyd 1901 - 1972
     Mary Elizabeth Floyd 1904 - 1993
     Mitylene Davis Floyd 1906 - 1996
Louheath McNair (1886-1947) Dec. 24, 1912 Camilla, Mitchel Co., GA
     Children (both born in Camilla, Mitchell Co., GA
     Schuyler Harris Floyd, Jr. 1913 - 1935
     Elmore McNair Floyd 1921 - 1974 - & LeCompte

•  We are aware of some potentially conflicting information included here. We welcome supporting or refuting data. - Editor's note

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