Florence Moore Floyd

 Madison County Board of Registrars

Born:January 13, 1887, Alabama
Died:November 5, 1968, Decatur, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama


•  Chief Clerk, Board of Registrars, 1949-1960. - Record Vol. 1

•  In 1949, the Madison "County Board of Registrars got their first full-time clerk, Mrs. E. B. Floyd; and the city adopted its first subdivision regulations for an expected building boom." - Record, Vol. 2

•  Her maiden name was Moore and she married E.B (Ernest Bell) Floyd on June 27, 1912,, in Madison County. (dates given here are for the marriage license, not necessarily for the wedding.) - MCRC

•  Her husband was born Sept.3, 1886 in Huntsville, Al and died Dec. 6, 1941 in Huntsville, AL. His occupation is listed as a glazer. He was the son of John Bell Floyd and Ellen Witherington but from Tennessee. - Find A Grave

•  Daughter of Patrick Henry Moore and Agatha o'Neal - Ancestry.com

•  Mother of Ernest R. Floyd - Census, 1930

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