Sarah M. Lewis Fleming

 Early Resident of Madison County

Born:c1796, Virginia
Died:1870, Madison County, Alabama
Residence:401 Holmes Avenue NE - This is the location, but not the home.
Wife of:Major William F. Fleming


•  The editor of The Steele Family Letters collection, Patricia H. Ryan, includes Sallie Flemining in her introduction. Ryan speculates that the young George Steele may have come to the Tennessee Valley from Virginia with the Fleming family. Sallie was said to be a friend of his deceased mother and 1818 is given as the year of arrival in both cases. He named one of his daughters after Sallie, so by any view of the facts, one would consider Sallie Fleming to be an important figure in George Steele's life. - Ryan

•  In the letters, they call her Aunt Sallie Fleming and they speak of her as an older woman, in poor health. - Ryan

•  Settled in Madison County about 1818 - Ryan

•  This account also claims that George Steele likely came to the Tennessee Valley with the William and Sallie Fleming family about 1817 -1818. But this account also suggests that George's father might have come at the same time and died a short while after arriving here. - Clay & Rohr

•  "John Grimes painted portraits of William Fleming and his wife, Sarah Lewis Fleming. Fleming arrived from Virginia in 1818. Two years later he was wounded while trying to break up a fight, and his portrait shows the scar." - Clay & Rohr

•  Married William Flemingon Jan. 29, 1818, Botetourt County, Virginia - Marriage

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