Samuel Walton Fleming

 Civic Leader

Nickname:S. W.
Born:December 21, 1855, Fayetteville, Tennessee
Died:December 31, 1929, Huntsville, Alabama
Buried:Rose Hill Cemetery, Fayetteville, Tennessee
Father of:Major Forrest Walton Fleming


•  "In 1923, the Board of Revenue system gave way to a Board of Commissioners governing body system. The first members were S. W. Fleming, Chairman; J. Proctor Smith, District 1; J. W. Gray, District 2; J. E. Williams, District 3; and C. H. Watson, District 4. The Chairman also represented District 5. The chairman was to be elected countywide, while the other four commissioners were voted on only in the district for which they ran." - Record, Vol. II

•  Served as Chairman for Board of County Commissioners, 1923-1924 - Record, Vol I

•  Ex Officio Chairman of the County Board of Health, 1923. - Record, Vol I

•  "The remains of S. W. Fleming, aged 75, whose death occurred on Tuesday afternoon were taken this morning to Fayetteville, Tenn. for interment by Womack. Funeral services were held in Fayetteville at the Church of Christ
     Mr. Fleming was a native of Tennessee and had resided here for the past ten years. He was a member of and president of the board of revenue of Madison County for four years and also took part in Tennessee politics before removing to this city (Huntsville).
     He is survived by four sons and a daughter and his wife as well as a large circle of friends who mourn his passing for he was a very highly respected citizen as well as a useful man." - Madison County AlArchives

•  Married Sarah (Sallie) Elizabeth Warden about April 22, 1886, in Lincoln County, Tennessee - RootsWeb

•  Father's name was Louis Fleming of Fayetteville, TN and mother was Selina Askby, - RootsWeb

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