Margaret Lucinda Thornton Fleming


Born:November 13, 1891, Lincoln County, Tennessee
Died:May 5, 1944, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama


•  Married to Louis Daniel Fleming (May 13, 1890, Lincoln County, TN - June 3, 1936, Huntsville, AL). His father was Samuel Walton Fleming (1855) - Maple Hill & Pruitt

•  In 1944, "Mrs. Margaret Fleming was murdered at her country home on Whitesburg Drive by an intruder who was not captured until 1960, being Isham Hobbs, an Air Force deserter, of a well known Madison County family." - Record, Vol. II

•  November, 1961: "Isham Hobbs was convicted in the 1944 knife slaying of Mrs. Margaret Thornton Fleming." - Pruitt

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