James Benjamin Fisk (1829)


Born:March 31, 1829, Alabama
Died:1870, Madison County, Alabama
Brother of:Goodwin Fisk (1809)
Son of:James Benjamin Fisk (1779)


•  Son of James Benjamin Fisk (1779 - 1838) and Tabatha Goodwin (1783 -1867) - Ancestry.com

•  Married Margaret L. Old March 13, 1860 in Madison County, AL. (This date might be the date of the wedding or the date the marriage license was recorded.) - Ancestry.com

•  He had a son named Benjamin James Fisk, born in Mississippi in January of 1863. The records do not show his son having any involvement in Madison County, AL. This is not our James Benjamin Fisk (1861) born to John Benjamin Fisk. - Ancestry.com

•  According to Ancestry.com he was the last of fourteen children. - Ancestry.com

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