Benjamin Fisk (1829)

 CSA Soldier

Born:March 31, 1829, Madison County, Alabama
Died:June 12, 1862, Mississippi
Brother of:Goodwin Fisk (1809)
Son of:James Benjamin Fisk (1779)


•  His family had moved to Madison County, AL in 1818 and had founded the town of Fisk. He was born in Alabama after that move. He was only nine years old when his father died. His son, Benjamin M. Fisk, was about 17 months old when he died. His wife, Margaret, was married two more times after his death. -

•  Married Margaret L. Old on March 1860 in Madison County, Alabama -

•  He had a son named Benjamin M Fisk (1863-1937) who was born in Mississippi. There are no records in showing him as living in Alabama. -

•  In one Genealogical blog he is referred to as "James Benjamin" instead of "Benjamin" however the "James" is not included in two official references: his marriage license & his death notice. His father is a "James Benjamin" but he has a brother with the first name as "James". We presume his father's name was divided between two sons. - Editor's note

•  He died of the measles in the American Civil War (Mississippi) -

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