Littleton G. Figg


Nickname:L. G.
Born:c1816, Virginia
Died:May 28, 1894, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama


•  Sarah Huff Fisk used the Figg family as characters in her two books:
Found Among the Fragments: A Story of Love and Courage by Sarah Huff Fisk, 1997 and
Built Upon the Fragments In 1880's Huntsville, Alabama by Sarah Huff Fisk, 2001 - Editor's note

•  On May 2, 1850 much of the center part of town was destroyed with fire. L.G. Figg's saddler and silversmith shop, located on the north side of the square was completely consumed with the fire. - Record Vol. 1

•  A coffee house by the name Nevill & Figg, (James N. & L.F.) is listed on the east side of Public Square between Randolph and Eustis. (In the index it is listed under "Saloons"). - City Guide

•  Married Mary Ann B. Carlton on Jan. 25, 1838, Tuscaloosa, AL - 1880 Census

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