Horace G. Fields

Photo from Torrence
 Principal of Councill School

Born:December 1, 1913
Died:October 1, 1986, Huntsville, Alabama


•  "H. G. Fields became principal of Councill School in the fall of 1953, and served for 16 years. During his administration, the school was accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools." - Torrence

•  As schools became integrated, enrollment declined at Councill School. In 1966 they held their last graduation exercise. In 1969, it became an elementary school. H.G. Fields was the last principal for William Hooper Councill High School. - Councill High School

•  "Plaintiffs Mr. Horace Fields and Mr. Jerry Davis claim that the defendants demoted them in violation of Singleton. The plaintiffs' claims and the evidence taken concerning their claims can be summarized briefly. (1) Mr. Horace Fields served as the principal of Council High School from 1953 to 1967. When Council was converted from a high school to a junior high school, Fields continued as the principal of the junior high school and concurrently served as a principal of West End Elementary School. In 1969, Fields became the principal of Calvary Hill Junior High School and Elementary School. In 1973, he was appointed to the Central Office as Director of the Careers Opportunities Program. Fields voluntarily left the school system to become the Registrar of Alabama A & M University. He now claims that he suffered a demotion in 1967 and that the defendants have violated Singleton by failing to offer him future high school principalships. Fields does not ask that he be reinstated; he asks only for money damages." The outcome is not clear here. - Lawsuit

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