Isham Jordan Fennell (1811)

Photo from Rankin
 Plantation Owner

Born:August 15, 1811
Died:April 9, 1891
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, Alabama
Son of:Isham Jordan Fennell (1784)


•  His monument in Maple Hill Cemetery is probably the most photographed. It is topped with the beautiful angle. - Rankin

•  Served on the Court of County Commissioners from 1869-1874. - Record

•  Diary entry: "Mr. Fennell's cotton burned last night. Supposed to be work of his own Negroes!" Background Note by Nancy Rohr: "Isham Fennell, a prosperous plantation owner, and his family lived near Madison Station, now Madison, Alabama." - Rohr

•  "In memory of the just is blessed. Isham Jordan Fennell. Aug. 15, 1811 - April 9, 1891. Noble, generous, just and true. He dared to do right and scorned to do wrong; such men reflect the image of their creator and elevate human nature making the world better by having lived in it." - Maple Hill, Phase One

•  Shaprio collected the following information from the pardon records following the American Civil War, the 1860 US Census Population and Slave Schedules. Isham J. Fennell was born in North Carolina in or about 1812, he was a farmer, his real estate was valued at $30,000, his personal property was valued at $100,000, he held 74 slaves. He was pardoned Sept 29, 1865.

•  Son of Isham Fennell (1784) and Temperance Jordan, - Rankin

•  Husband of Martha Jordan and father of Mary E. Fennell & Ada Fennell -

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