William Feeney

 Civic Leader

Born:c1820, Alabama
Died:May 5, 1864, Civil War Battle of the Wilderness
Residence:414 Randolph Avenue SE


•  Last name sometimes spelled "Feeny" - Editor's note

•  "Youngest child of Robert Feeney (born about 1782, Ireland, died about 1825, Philadelphia, PA) and Ann Anderson (born 8/23/1790, Philadelphia, PA; died 1/17/1871, Fayetteville, TN) married June 11, 1808." - RootsWeb

•  Married Elizabeth C. "Betty" or "Eliz" Miller (1819-1856) about 1844. - Ancestry.com

•  Father of Martha A. Feeney (born 1845; George A. Feeney (born 18470; Francis R. Feeney (born 1849) - Ancestry.com

•  His children died young with no direct descendants. - RootsWeb

•  Alderman in 1828, 1829 and 1830 - Record

•  "The Fenney-Barber House was built between 1825 and 1832 while LeRoy Pope retained title to the land." William Fenney bought the house in 1832. The original property extended to Eustis Avenue. "Plastering in the original house was made of horsehair and mud." - AAUW

•  Sarah Huff Fisk tells of a public market house located next to the court house in the early years. In this building people could buy or trade items (mostly necessities). According to Mrs. Fisk, "Apparently the rooms were rented by the Town Trustees, but they were also sold. William Feeney bought the East Room (upper) on July 21, 1820 for $500. However, in 1828 when the Town Corporation of Huntsville decided to remove this market house and replace it with a new one, Feeney seems to have owned all the upper floor, for which the Trustees still only paid him $550." - Fisk

•  Mason, Sr. Warden, Master, 1825, 1826 and 1829. - Helion

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