Benjamin Lynn Clapp

Grandpa Bill's General Authority Pages
 Early Mormon Leader

Born:August 19, 1814, West Huntsville, AL
Died:October 31, 1865, Liberty, CA


•  Married 1832 to Mary Schultz; later practiced plural marriage; twelve children

•  He had "some difficulty" with Bishop Warren S. Snow and finally was excommunicated for "apostasy" in 1859. He died in Liberty, California in 1860, "with a firm conviction of the truth of the latter-day work."

•  Mission to Kentucky 1838 Ordained Seventy 1844 Called to First Council of Seventy 1845

•  Benjamin Lynn Clapp was one of the First Seven Presidents of Seventies, from 1845 to 1859 under the hand of Joseph Young and Levi W. Hancock.

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