Herbert Edward Farish

 Civic Leader

Born:August 3, 1910, Alabama
Died:August 3, 1953, Chapel Hill, Tennessee
Buried:Decatur City Cemetery, Decatur, Alabama


•  Son of E. H. Farish and Hattie Self - Tennesse Deaths

•  Married: Elizabeth - Enlistment Records

•  President, Alabama Funeral Directors Association, 1939. - Record

•  The Huntsville Lions Club was organized July 1, 1938, and chartered with twenty-one members. Herbert was on that list. One of the first activities of the Club was to start a movement to pay off the bonded indebtedness on the Huntsville-Madison County Hospital, which was accomplished with the help of other civic clubs and civic minded citizens. The next year, after organizing, the club asked for the Alabama Lions State Convention to be held in Huntsville and this was accomplished." - Sesquicentennial

•  "The Lions Club was newly organized during 1938 with Herbert Farrish as President. The Madison County governing body, at a time when things were still hard, even so donated a motor grader to the City of Huntsville during 1938 to aid the city in its road construction." - Record

•  Lists his home address as 408 Clinton Street, Huntsville, Alabama. No house in Huntsville has that address at this time (numbering has changed over the years). - 1940 Census

•  Enlistment in Army (WWII) , Dec. 21. 1942. Served in Europe, Africa, and Middle East. A-Sgt. U.S. Army, 713th Engineer Dept Co. - Enlistment Records

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