Dr. John Benton Farley

 Medical Doctor

Nickname:J. B. and Ben
Born:September 16, 1860, Near Whitesburg, Madison County, Alabama
Died:July 6, 1910, Madison County, Alabama
Buried:Farley Cemetery, Madison County, Alabama
Grandson:Michael Farley


•  "A well known doctor, Dr. J. B. Farley, was reported this year as having received quite an honor. The Farley post office was named after him." 1910. - Record

•  "It is my understanding that the area of the County near what was then called Whitesburg is now Farley and was named for John Benton Farley. On this land, Dr. John Benton Farley, practiced medicine in an office behind their residence between the railroad tracks and the foot of the mountain. Dr. Farley's office adjacent to his home was the first free-standing doctor's office in Madison County. The house and medical office were demolished and the space was paved for a commercial parking lot shortly after the photograph taken by Farley Vaughn, great grandson of Dr. and Mrs. Farley." - Heritage

•  Married Martha (Mattie) Elizabeth McGaha (born 1860) on Oct. 1882, Madison Co., AL. Performed by J.A.B. Levett (minister of Gospel). - S. D. Jones

•  Father of:
     Mary Moore Farley (born 1883) married Henry P. Trotman
     Bruce McGaha Farley (born 1895)
     Madden Farley (Madden died at six weeks of age) - S. D. Jones

•  Son of James Wesley Farley (July, 12, 1829- March 11, 1890) and Frances "Fannie" Ann Crutcher (July 19, 1834 - Aug. 6, 1906) Madison Co., AL. His grandparents were probably some of the first settlers and land holders in Madison Co. - S. D. Jones

•  "Dr. John Benton and Mattie McGaha Farley lived near Whitesburg where he practiced medicine and ran a large, successful farm on leased property. The surrounding area is now known as the Farley Community in his honor. They are both buried in the Farley Family Cemetery off Old Madison Pike." - Ancestry.com

•  Location: Whitesburg Drive near Green Cove Road. - Nilsson

•  "In her book on placename origins, Virginia Foscue attributes the name to Dr. Farley's appointment as the first postmaster, in 1893. But in a typed history in the Huntsville Public Library, Ruth Ross claims an 1818 map shows a place called Farley that encompassed over 2,000 acres - indication that Dr. Farley's parents must have been among the area's first settlers." - Nilsson

•  "Farley Elementary started in 1885 as a one room school house built by Dr. John Benton Farley. It included grades one through ten and began with twenty-five students." - Farley Elementary School

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