Boyd Edward Armstrong

 Clergyman, College Extension Faculty Member, Religious Organizations and Civic Leader

Born:August 19, 1916, Franklin County, Kentucky


•  Children: 1. Ida M., Manchester, Ohio; 2. Harry, Manchester, Ohio

•  Son of L. S. and Elizabeth (Cook) Armstrong, the elder son in a family of three children, two boys and one girl. - Grove

•  The Reverend Mr. Armstrong attended Bridgeport High School, Kentucky; Georgetown College where he earned the B. A. degree, and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, there receiving the Th. B. degree. - Grove

•  On February 7, 1937, he married Jessie Sidebottom of Greensburg, Kentucky - Grove

•  Children:Larry Edward, born 1939, Sherry Elizabeth, born 1948, and Betty Alice, born 1952. - Grove

•  Pastor of West Highland Baptist Church in Huntsville. - Grove

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