Dr. John Wilson Evans, Jr.

 Medical Doctor, Specializing in Ear, Nose and Throat

Born:May 15, 1912, Bells, TN
Died:Feb. 3, 1964, Huntsville, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery


•  County Board of Health, 1952 - 1957 - Record

•  "He was the son of John Wilson Evans, Sr. (1878-1939) and Lela F. Boling Evans (1878-1956), from Bells. His father, a farmer and ginner, raised cotton and cattle and owned extensive farm land in Crockett County, Tennessee." - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  University of Tennessee, Knoxville - pre-med
University of Tennessee, Memphis - Doctor of Medicine degree in 1937
Morningside Hospital, Tulsa, Oklahoma - residency
Barnes Hospital, St. Louis - post grad
Washington University, St. Louis - post grad - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  WWII - "Dr. Evans entered the military service as a first lieutenant in June 1941 and was discharged on March 1, 1946, as a major." - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  - Enjoyed a weekly poker game (nickname "Cowboy")
- Fine cook (specialty marinated steaks)
- Owned and enjoyed a get-away cabin in Guntersville
- Love of gardening - "Dr. John bought very expensive seed, so tiny that he had to use tweezers to pick them up to place on wax paper before placing them in tiny, individual thirty-cube containers. When the seeds sprouted and were large enough, he replanted them. On one occasion, while handling the tiny seeds, he sneezed and blew them all away. Needless to say, John was perturbed, but Frances says the whole family had a good laugh about it." - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  "Dr. Evans was president of the Madison County Medical Society, and on the board of Censors in 1955, president of the Alabama Society of Otorhinolaryngologists, and a member of the Kiwanis Club." - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Married Frances Godman, of Memphis, on May 18, 1937. Frances was president of Madison County Medical Auxiliary 1949-50. - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Father of: John Wilson III, who is a successful attorney; Stewart Adair, who is a fine, personable stockbroker; Adrian (Mrs. Michael) Fann; and Ellen (Mrs. Joseph) Chorba, of Guntersville, Alabama. - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  He does not appear to be directly connected with the early Evans settlers of Madison County. He was brought here in 1947 to join the group of physicians in the Huntsville Clinic (corner of Gates and Franklin Streets). - Editor's notes

•  Our birth and death dates came from Godsmith & Fulton. Different dates are found in ancestry.com and LDS are saying he was born about 1915 and died about 1956. We are rather certain those dates are incorrect but we have recorded them here to aid others in their searches. - Editor's notes

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