Ben Evans

 Lynched in Huntsville

Died:April 1878, Huntsville, AL


•  Ben Evans, along with Mike White and Ephraim Hall, was lynched in Huntsville by a mob during 1878 for the murder of George Shoenberger. - Record

•  Three Men Lynched. "Ben Evan and Eph Hall, colored, who assassinated George Shoenberger, a butcher, at Huntsville, Ala., last Friday, at the instigation of Mike White, a white man, and White himself were publicly lynched at that placed to-day, in the presence of an immense assemblage, the jail having been forced. Both negroes confessed the crime, and told White fore the execution to see what he had brought them to. White proclaimed his innocence." - NYT

•  "The lynching of the white man, Mike White, and two negroes, Ben. Evans and Eph. Hall, at Huntsville, Alabama, Wednesday for the murder of Schoenberger, the butcher, was witnessed by 3,000 people. The mob was composed, as reports say, of good citizens without mask or disguise. White protested his innocence to the last; both the negroes acknowledged and said White instigated it. The Chattanooga Times special says: White's life was insured for ten thousand dollars. His attorneys suggested that a confession would vitiate the policy; hence the declaration of innocence." - Archives

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