A. F. Evans

Photo from The Historic Huntsville Quarterly (see Vanished)
Nickname:A. F.


•  Master of Helion Lodge No. 1, 1903 - Helion

•  Home at 445 W. Clinton Avenue. - Vanished

•  A. F. Evans, Huntsville Lt., Co. G, 35th Ala. Inf. - Southern Cross

•  "Brice M. Evans, a former Huntsville boy, the son of the late A. F. Evans, and the brother of Mrs. Oscar Dreger, of this city, is here on a brief visit. Brice has for some time been representing the Atlantic Paint Company, of New York, all through the west, and has built up a big business. He has recently been promoted to sales manager in the main office in New York. His headquarters, while out west, were at San Francisco, Calif. He is looking the picture of health, and is an interesting conversationalist." - Huntsville Daily Times

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