Dr. William Northen Etheridge

 Medical Doctor

Born:May 5, 1909, Atlanta, GA
Died:Dec. 19, 1994, Huntsville, AL


•  - Board of Directors and charter member of the Sertoma Club
- President, Madison County Medical Society, 1955 & 1959
- Member of Phi Kappa Phi Fraternity
- Member of the Community Chorus
- He sang in the First Baptist Church Choir
- He played his piano and listened to music for enjoyment. - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  This is a sample of the places Dr. Etheridge's name appeared in the history of the church:
Pictured in Sanctuary Choir, 1953, 1955 (first tenor)
Listed on the Plans Sub-committee
Listed on the Sanctuary Organ Sub-committee
Listed on the Building Committee, 1966
Listed as an Active Deacon, 1946, 1966
Listed on the Refugee Resettlement Committee, 1982 - 1st Baptist Church

•  Son of Judge Paul Sharp Etheridge (1874-1945) and Estell (Fitzgerald) Etheridge (1883-1953). - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  William N. Etheridge's brothers and sisters are; Sarah, b. 1904, Paul S. Jr., b. 1905, Phillip F., b. 1909 (William's twin), Benton died in infancy, Mary, b. 1913, and Catherine, b. 1918. - Gen Forum

•  Education:
Atlanta - Primary & Boy's High School
Macon - Mercer University, Bachelor of Arts degree in 1930
Boston - Harvard Medical School, 1930-1932
Atlanta - Emory Medical School, Doctor of Medicine degree, 1934; Interned for three years at Grady Memorial Hospital
Philadelphia - Completed Residency in Urology in 1937
New York City - Post Graduate Hospital - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  He enlisted in the US Medical Corps as a first lieutenant on Sept. 16, 1940 to serve in WWII. He was assigned to the 30th Infantry Division at Fort Jackson, South Carolina, as Company Commander. "He served both in Europe and North Africa, attaining the rank of Captain." - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Married Louise "Lois" E. Jordan on Jan. 7, 1949 and they had six daughters: Talitha, Sarah, Martha, Jane, Charlotte and Christine. - Gen Forum

•  His practice was located at three places: 1.) above Butler's Shoe Store. 2.) 812 Gallatin St. (there for twenty years) 3.) 600 St. Clair Ave. - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  One of the stories told in the book written by Goldsmith & Fulton: "Another incident that the Etheridges recall when reminiscing, is when a young man arrived at their door one night. In an agitated state, he declared, 'Doctor, come quick, something is wrong. My wife is having our baby and it isn't time.' The dedicated, compassionate doctor, thinking only of the patient and with the idea that something was terribly wrong, hurried along to find a very upset young lady in labor, who kept repeating, 'It ain't my time.' It was quite evident to Dr. Etheridge that it was indeed 'her time,' for the baby was more than ready to make his arrival. He asked his young patient when her baby was due. Dr. Etheridge was astounded when she replied, 'It ain't till Thursday.' This was a Tuesday!" - Goldsmith & Fulton

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