Dr. Levi Pickett Esslinger, Sr.

Photo from "Medicine Bags and Bumpy Roads", by Jewell Shelton Goldsmith and Helen Davis Fulton.
 Medical Doctor

Nickname:Dr. Pickett
Born:November 25, 1875, Weatherly Cove, Madison County, AL
Died:August 6, 1917, Nashville, TN
Buried:Cochran Cemetery, New Market, Madsion County, AL


•  In New Market, AL a telephone exchange was formed and incorporated by Dr. L.P. Esslinger, Dr. J.E. Walker, M.M. Cochran, and J.H. Walls. It operated until about 1920, Page 13. - Heritage

•  Married Rosa Phelps Cochran (Jun. 3, 1883 - Aug. 25, 1972) in 1907. His father-in-law built a drug store for him in New Market. Heritage, page 145. - Heritage & Find a Grave

•  Eldest son of Levi W. Esslinger and Mattie Pickett Esslinger. - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Education:
     Early years in Weatherly Cove
     New Hope High School
     Albertville Agricultural College
     Tulane University
     Medical College of Alabama, Doctor of Medicine, 1903
     Internship in Brooklyn, New York
     Brooklyn Eye and Ear Hospital , specialized training in 1909 - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Goldsmith and Fulton include a passage written by Dr. Pickett's daughter for a school report.
This is part of it:
     "A progressive man, possessing a congenial disposition, Dr. Esslinger made many friends. He had the highest regard for medical ethics and his patients almost worshipped him. He responded to his patients' needs at all hours, night or day. It is said that he died too young as a result of overwork.
     Dr. Pickett manifested all of the traits of a noble man, a perfect gentleman. With his open face and warm heart, he won everyone with whom he was associated. The county honored him, the town loved him and his friends were numberless. A fine citizen and physician who was completely devoted to his profession, Dr. Esslinger's bright future, in the prime of his life, was cut short by death." - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Father of Levi Pickett, Jr. (born February 5, 1915) and Mary Frances (Mrs. Thomas) McCrary (born January 21, 1917). - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  His father died when he was young and, as eldest son, he was called upon to take extra responsibilities. But he and his family managed to make a way for him to complete his medical training. In the end, he we able to provide assets to cover the education of his siblings. There is a beautifully written account of this here. - Goldsmith & Fulton

•  Poor House Physician 1906-1918. Vol. 1, page 244. - Record

•  County Board of Health, 1916-1917. Volume 2, page 227. - Record

•  Hospital Admission Committee, starting in 1962 and still in the role when Record published his Volume 2 in 1978, Volume 2, Page 260. - Record

•  Last name sometimes spelled Eslinger (with only one "s") - Editor's Note

•  In 1950 Pickett Esslinger obtained the first TV in the New Market area. (Vol. II, page 289) - Record

•  Received Highest Honors in 1903 in Medical Department of University of Alabama - U of A

•  County Board of Health, 1916-1917. Volume 2, page 227. - Record

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