Fred Esslinger

World War I Draft Registration Card from
 Building Manager for the Huntsville Times Building

Born:Aug. 9, 1888, Huntsville, Alabama
Died:Feb. 27. 1975, Birmingham, AL
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL


•  Last name sometimes spelled Eslinger (with only one "s") - Editor's Note

•  In his article about Huntsville Times, Patrick McCauley said: "A daily visitor to the Times' little piece of the premises was Fred Esslinger, the building manager. He would stand over the teletypes, intently reading the racing results and that other oddsmaker's scratch sheet, the stock market quotations. Staff members knew our editor loved the ponies and would make a wager with anybody who thought one horse could run faster than another, and we speculated whether the building manager actually made book up there on the top floor." - HHQ

•  Son of Thomas Randal Esslinger and Nancy Jane Butler. -

•  Married Rheua E. LaRue in Murray Co., Oklahoma on May 18, 1910 -

•  Father of Katherine E. Esslinger (born in 1912, Oklahoma) and Rheua Larue Esslinger Berryhill (born in 1917, Oklahoma and died in 1982, Morris, AL. -

•  His birth year is in question (oddly, not the month and day) His draft registration says 1887 and his social security says 1888. - Editor's Note

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