John A. Erwin

 President of Huntsville, 1872-1874

Born:December 11, 1824, Alabama
Died:March 16, 1911, Sutton, AR
Buried:Maple Hill Cemetery, Huntsville, AL


•  We have placed all the Mayor's and President's of Huntsville on our list. In many cases, their tenures were short and often we have found little else about them. Without knowing birthdates or any other biographical information, it is sometimes nearly impossible to sort the possible links. In this case there is a man by the name John A. Erwin with two different strands of facts. It is possible he first married Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Schrimsher (May 30, 1822 - Feb. 17, 1860) on Jan 9, 1847 and, three years after her death married Bettie F. (Bibb?) on Jan. 1, 1863. But this is only a theory and that is why we have included possible contradictory information below. If you have other or better theories, fill free to put them in the discussion page here. - Editor's note

•  These occupations are listed in census reports: Dry Goods Merchant, Justice of Peace, Notary Public. - 1870 Census

•  The 1900 Census Report has a column for women how many children born to the woman and how many were still living at census time. For Bettie F., wife of John A. Erwin, the first number is hard to read it is either a six or a five. The number living in 1900 is clearly two. Here are some of the names showing up on this and other census reports: Allie Erwin, Bettie M Erwin Shelly, George Erwin, John Erwin. - 1900 Census

•  Married Bettie F. on Jan. 1, 1863. Bettie was born on Feb. 9, 1831 and died March 30, 1910 (she is buried in Maple Hill Cemetery). John A. deamed "widowed" between the 1900 and 1910 Censuses. - 1908 City Directory and Maple Hill Cemetery

•  Elizabeth "Betsy" Ann Schrimsher (May 30, 1822 - Feb. 17, 1860). Marriage Jan 9, 1847, Burial at Moore Chapel Cemetery, Madison County, Alabama. - Schrimsher

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•  Maple Hill Cemetery - Maple Hill Cemetery, Phase One by Diane Robey, Dorothy Scott Johnson, John Rison Jones, Jr., Frances C. Roberts, © 1995, The Huntsville-Madison County Historical Society, p. 91.

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