William Young Elliott

 Author and Alabama Poet Laureate

Born:April 18, 1902, Leeds, AL
Died:Oct. 22, 1997, Huntsville, AL


•  Alabama Poet Laureate, 1975. Author. - Record

•  William Young Elliott was named Alabama's fourth poet laureate in August 1975 and continued until 1982. Governor George C. Wallace commissioned Mr. Elliott. He was given an Litt. D. by L'Universite Libre Asie (the Free University of Asia) in Karachi, Pakistan, on November 30, 1976. He was also given an Litt. D. from World University (affiliated with University of Danzig, New York) by World Poetry Society International, Madras, in November 1975. These degrees were awarded in absentia.
     Elliott's published works include: Skylights 1, 2, and 3; Wings; Voices; Sisu and His Children; and Lizzie, Love Letters of a Young Confederate Soldier. More than 350 of Elliott's poems, stories, and articles have appeared in print. - AL Archives

•  "Live in terms of your strong points. Magnify them. Let your weaknesses shrivel up and die from lack of nourishment." - Quotes

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