Benjamin Eddins (b1794)

 Early Huntsville Resident

Born:Feb. 21 1794, Abeville, SC
Died:July 2, 1852, Madison County, AL
Buried:Madison County, AL
Father of:Benjamin Graves Eddins (b1836)
Son of:Rev. William Eddins, Sr.


•  Benjamin moved to Madison Co., AL from Old Ninety-Six District, SC, about 1813 with his parents and family. He lived in Madison Co. for a few years, and then moved to Louisiana. Benjamin and Mary Ann returned to Madison Co., AL after they were married, lived the rest of their lives there, and were buried in Madison Co., AL. - Graves

•  He was the son of Rev. William Eddins, Sr. and Elizabeth Landrum Eddins -

•  Benjamin (b. 1794) married Mary Ann Clampett on July 1, 1824, in Clinton, East Feliciana Parish, Louisiana, and they lived in Madison County, Alabama. She was the daughter of Nathan Clampett and Susannah Graves. Mary Ann was born November 2, 1807 in Tennessee and died November 7, 1899 in Fisk, Madison County, AL. - Heritage

•  Father of:
     1. Ann Rebekah Eddins ,1834 - 1917, married David B. Smith with nine children
     2. Susannah Eliizabeth Eddins, 1834 - 1888, married John Bolling Eldridge and they had three children
     3. Benjamin Graves Eddins, 1836 - 1914, married 1.) Sarah Ann Bayless and they had nine children 2.) Nancy Jean Tucker and they had one child
     4. Mary Adeline Eddins, 1839 - 1917, married John Benjamin Bayless and they had seven children
     5. Richard Walker Eddins, 1847 - 1904, married 1.) Elender Josephine Finley and they had ten children 2.) Mrs. Frances J. Drennnon and they had two children
     6. Frank W. Eddins, married Sarah A. Hargrove and they had three children. -

•  "Benjamin Eddins died 2 July 1852, Mary Ann Clampett Eddins died 7 November 1899, both are buried in the abandoned Bayless Eddins Cemetery, located approximately one mile north of Toney, Madison County, Alabama on the Henry Turner Farm." - Heritage

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